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Timothy D

"I had the fortunate pleasure of coming across Tom when dealing with severe anxiety and ongoing chronic pain/fatigue…
Firstly I want to say that I have tried hypnosis, Tapping, Counselling and other healing modalities over the past 10 years (some helped) but nothing really cured the root, The problems mentioned above would resurface again periodically.
Working with Tom was a different experience all together, and have to say turned into a one hit wonder regarding my anxiety! He is currently helping me chip away at my chronic pain and it seems to be shifting at long last! I don’t generally write testimonials but Tom is different, it was like he was instantly connected to myself and knew exactly how to navigate what was going on! (Something in my experience, rare to find). If on the fence please don’t be! 
Try him out now.



"Tom is very easy to talk to, his happy and gentle manner makes you feel instantly at ease.
We went to unexpected places within the first session and came across a deep hidden memory that was causing issues within my present life.
I felt really blissful after the session and uncovered blocked emotions.
I'd highly recommend him as a Hypnotherapist.


"My experience with Tom was a new exciting one for me. As a trained therapist I believe we conceal a lot of our perception. Talking Therapy is limited and long winded at times but has its uses , hypnotherapy goes further.
My personal experience unlocked several body memories. One occasion I re experienced a memory as a child in hospital. It felt like the matrix going back in time , frightening but Tom was there to guide me through it. It was related to my breathing. Cognitively I remembered the experience but emotionally it was suppressed in my body memory. 
Another session we investigated other issues that was lurking in my subconscious. Several days later during the night my mind resolved the issue.  
I am grateful for Tom's kindness, empathy and approach to this exciting therapy, that goes beyond the obvious that other therapies can’t see.
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